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Monday, May 4, 2015

Salute 2015

Salute anything can happen in the next 7 hours
Another year, another Salute. I am starting to make a habit of visiting this show. Officially it is to spend some time with my brother who based in London but it is planned to coincide with Salute to get a double header.

Something medieval 
This year I think was pretty close to being organised, the ticket was booked within a week of release.  Pre- orders had been sent in to various manufacturers. The floor plan had been reviewed to figure out where the various points of interest were. Plus I checked out the traders list to see what companies where out there and what they were offering 

Old-hammer siege of Prag (?)
This year the event went pretty smooth. It was easy to get in and there was lots of room to move about without too much slamming into backpacks or easily distracted gamers. This year’s theme was Agincourt but since I do not play the period I glossed over most of it. It is interesting, the models look splendid in their war glory and the Perry’s have a great range of models to support the period. But I cannot support another period. But in my mind there is a picture of a rules set called lion Rampant set around that period with a caption coming soon. I am not sure what is up with all the space fleet type games coming to market at the moment  Spartan have Halo, Drop zone commander have drop fleet, Full thrust has battle Star Galatica and fantasy flight have Star Wars armada. They all look good and are relatively easy to get into.

The displays were all fantastic with the bonus that their creator was usually close at hand to explain how things were made. I walked away with a lot of neat tricks and more than a few not half bad ideas.  This year there did not seem to be a main show piece or must look at display the overall standard was pretty high and no one thing stood out.
Aliens Vs predator

I missed out by not signing up for any demo games but Salute only lasts for a few hours and by the time you get around to seeing all the manufactures and demos and displays time is running low. If I go again I definitely need to budget some time to participate in some games. For me war-gaming is more about the socialising aspect.

March of the AT-ATs
This year the big winners on the purchasing front seems to have been terrain. From timecast I picked up more than a few buildings to provide a back drop to my 10mm ACW project. Which should be ready for play through by the end of the month.  For Saga, my Welsh have decided to settle down and purchased a farm set from Courtney’s miniatures. To help them get around I picked up some skirmish movement bases from Warbases. These are quite nice and will probable do double duty in 40K and in Bolt Action or Chain of command. 

For 15mm WW I picked up some American and German paratroopers earmarked for 15mm Chain of Command. And some more early French tanks for Flames of war from Forged in Battle. Also pestered them for release dates foe their DAK infantry (they are done and waiting release).
A really big ship

For something new I picked up some Blue Moon 18mm figures. French Foreign Legion and Rifs just because they good nice plus Studio Tomahawk have deepest Africa game on the way.  These were backed up by some French Indian wars (think last of the Mohicans) models for Muskets and Tomahawks gaming at some point. I am a big fan of simple rules at the moment and it saves my the embarrassment of get rules from different system mixed up.

For more images of the event please go here 

 That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.


Frank O'Donnell said...

Man I just love that big space ship.

Dakeryus said...

You should pop over some time to see it in the flesh. I think a one day return flight costs about 60 euros.

Mandragoran said...

Definitely planning on heading back to Salute next year, too good to miss!

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