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Monday, May 11, 2015

Sitrep (FOW): Tiger hunting on the eastern front

German armour attack on a Russian held village somewhere on the eastern front. The twist is some of the haystacks are hiding Antitank guns. But which ones?

Another themed FoW game. This time based on the eastern front. Agian it is based on a Two Fat Lardies mission by Chris Stroesen in the 2012 winter annual. I adapted to FOW and called  Tiger hunting on the Eastern front

But it i guarded by a Battalion of Dug in Russians 

behind a hidden anti tank line

The German getting ready to deploy. The PiV platoon opts to out flank. The panzers grenadier company goes in reserve to be activated on a single reserve roll

The Russian are waiting with sixteen HMG teams. Any German infantry in the open would be vapourised

 Hmm, the frist german reserve roll see a panzer grenadier company arrive from reserve
The second roll spots an antigun hiding if a haystack

Next turn the gun is destroyed and the germans spot another
At least this one last long enough to task out a half track

The german rool towards the viallage with a Panzer platoon arriving from the flank

The anti tank guns fail to make an impression all seven at knocked out in the first few turns
The Panzers then line up to place the village under heavy fie

The first German attack is repelled at the lost of a panzer 
The Germans switch flank and go again. They clear the village losing only a single tank in the exchange
Ouch, the game was painful. The Germans were almost perfect is shutting down the anti-tank screen
 and apart from minor inconvenience entering the village they were never really threatened. The Russians lacked enough AT assets It would unlikely the Germans would have been so aggressive against a western allies force with integrated PAITs and Bazookas.  I think next time we switch back to the western front and do something around the Ardenne maybe do Battlefronts three game campaign. 

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