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Monday, April 13, 2015

PiP (longstreet): Confederates

Confederate cavalry pouring from the hills

Some progress being made on the Confederacy for Longstreet. The game campaign mechanics promote strong cavalry forces for the Confederacy with the Union getting stronger artillery support. In game cavalry provide bonus for determining reconnaissance but are unlike to be able to hold a determined infantry attack.
Another quirky of the Longstreet campaign if the hero character for units. Each time a unit fights in hand to hand roll a D6 on six the unit gets a hero who gives them a bonus in the game and in the campaign. If the unit already has a hero and you roll a six he is lost for the rest of the game and campaign. It is a nice touch to unit development in the campaign.
Annoyingly cavalry have the option to dismount and get off their horses, which means I now have to paint three regiments worth of dismount cavalry :)
Cavalry hero joins his troops

Confederate artillery ready s to fire

Confederate infantry on the march

Confederate lines
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