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Monday, March 9, 2015

Tactica 2015

Convention season starts for me with Tactica In Hamburg in February.  I have upload a Tactica video on you tube with some pretty cool images.  This year the theme was Waterloo (200th anniversary and all that) and Napoleonic were there in strength in 6mm, 15mm and 28mm. From the peninsula to the retreat from Russia.

retreat from Russia (look out for Cossacks)
There was all health mix of other games. For my one of the hilights was the DIY Conan theme Saga game.. I like Conan and I like Saga so it is a good mix. I speaking to the creators they may do an English release of the rules I really hope so. . I think they had an excellent demo and really nice combination of great terrain and settings back by a great rules mechanic.  And seeing how I have bought into the Conan kickstarter and a chance to use the Saga mechanics with the kickstarter mini is very attractive.

Conan Saga*
I also liked the Full thrust presentation with lighting coming from under the table surface. I feel pull of the force to X-wing when I passed by the tables.

Full thrust with under-table lighting
Strangely, or maybe not, I do not think there was any 40K or WHFB on display with DUST and drop zone commander making an appearance for sci-fi?alternative history.

If you are interested in seeing some more Tactica photo. Another Dresdener made the pilgriage to Hamburg and his photo can be seen here. I like the 3mm roman legion it makes may 10mm ACW guys seem big :)

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

*Image from the Tactica website used without premision

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