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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sit Rep (SAGA): Battle at the fords.

Welsh on the prowl

My Welsh warband is moving dangerously close to having a fully strength six point warband. Hereafter referred to as the men of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll :)
Recently, they have been raiding up north in Scotland and managed to burn down the homestead of a local noble, But on their way home their path was blocked another Scottish force blocking the fords. At least that is my reason for a recent saga game using the ford mission.

Welsh warlord with levy and warriors face of aganist Scottish Hearthguad and warriors

At the other ford the Welsh Hearthgaurd and a few warriors try to stall the Scottish Warlord with most of his warriors 
Welsh opt to Taunt, then throw javelin, with little effect on the scots.

The Scottish warlord oders his warriors to advance.

Scots Vs Welsh

On the other ford the Scots forced a crossing driving back the levy

Scottish warriors swarm the Welsh Hearthguard...
.. but they stand firm.

On the other ford the Welsh warriors switch their axis of attack, a deadly strike destroys the Scottish hearth guard and the Scottish warriors take fire from the Bow levy.

Scottish warriors once more take on the Welsh Hearth guard...
...this time the Hearthguard fall.

But it is too little too late as the Welsh warlord finishes of the Scots guarding the fords and Warriors and Levy stream across.
The Scottish warlord has his revenge destroying the a small unit of welsh left on the wrong side of the river
We tried for a second game but it timed out.

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.

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Paul Waechter said...

Nice looking game. Battle at the Ford is always a challenging scenario. I usually end up a turn too late to get enough figures across the river! The Welsh are a good faction. I've played against them many times and their ability to mess with their opponents movement is highly annoying! :-)

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