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Monday, March 30, 2015

PIP (FOW): Panzerjagers 1

take aim

It has been ages since I painted up some panzer grey.

I picked up some Panzer jaeger 1's recently.  Originally I planned to use them for Africa Korps. But Forged in Battle have not released any infantry yet so the unit went to my Gebirgjaegers who badly need some armored support with the current popularity in early war and the associated high numbers of (pretty crap) tanks. But since the Gebirgjaegers currently only have one Antirifle painted, any type of tanks is dangerous.

The models were primed grey then given a dark yellow hilight.
The models were air burshed Vallejo Panzer Grey 995 (VPG). Then dry brushed VPG mixed with white for highlights.
The tracks were painted Vallejo Hull Red 985 then coat with Vallejo black shade 201.
The exhaust was painted Vallejo 982 and coat with Vallejo black shade 201.
The wheel rims were painted Vallejo black 956
The barrel tip was painted with a Vallejo black shade 201
The metal parts shovel etc were painted Vallejo gun metal blue 800
The wooden parts were painted Vallejo beige brown 875.
The decals came from Dom's Decals after they were applied the model was varnished.
The model was then given a wash of AK interactive dark wash for Green vehicles (since I did not have the wash for panzer grey.
The models was then given a coating of Mig European dirt pigments (which have a much better contrast than with the dark yellow colors used on late war German vehicles 

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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