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Monday, March 16, 2015

FOW (WIP): winterised American amoured rifle platoon

Some nearly finished US amoured rifles. 
Painting wise I got to try out a few new things
(1) First attempt at a white wash on 15mm Vechicles using a mix of Vallejo lighy grey and a lot of thinner. Overall the results are okay. I think I should have dry brushed over the white wash with some green to show some more wear and tear. Plus maybe the decals should go on before the white wash I am not sure.
(2) painting figures and vehicles glue to nails rather than sticks and base. For 15mm or less I think this is the way to go in future . Better access to the model= better results.
(3) Applying the static grass applicator to the bases. I like the nice dense results of the static grass.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.


Paul Waechter said...

Nice work. I've always liked the winter look but haven't been brave enough to attempt it yet! Nice idea with the screws in the corks too. I don't know how people paint things after they've based them. I'd make a huge mess!

Dakeryus said...

thanks for the feedback Paul.
I know what you mean with the "do I base and paint or paint and base ?" concern. I use to base and paint thinking I would get a better overall results. But now painting first seems easier.

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