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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ladies night with Freebooters Fate

Big Jenny will look after you for a price

So after much delay and procrastination from Tino and myself. we finally got around to my second game of freebooters fate.
Battling on Pirate Island

For does of you do not know, freebooters fate is a pirate themed fantasy game, a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean. Freebooters is a card driven game rather than a dice driven game. In combat, players which part of the body is attacked and which is defended using cards. Players then compare cards to see what is hit and what is blocked and then use more cards to determine the extent of the damage. The hit/defend part is a bit like poker trying to read your opponents cards. The some cards also allow some random bonus/malus which mix things up a bit.

A crew of all female pirates aka a pack of B*tches
Each player controls a crew consisting of a Captain, a couple of specialists and a few deckhands. Crews are typically eight to twelve models. The actual freebooter models are some of the best in the market on par with Infinity and the other high end models.  My crew happened to be Amazons, probably something in the subconscious reaching back to my Escher gang for Necromunda.  I picked up a starter set after our first clash. So far my crew consists of a captain with a sword and bow, a specialist with two close combat weapons, a crewman with a knife and blowpipe, a second crewman with a pair of knifes. Not the scariest crew on the block but it is a start.

Minion on Minion action
The first outing (using proxies) saw the Amazons battling with regular pirates, no doubt up to something sinister. The battle was a straight up bash. The Amazons pulled a refused flank and doubled up on their pirate counterparts. The two crewman were badly hurt by musket fire (bone knife Vs musket does not go well its seems) but the captain and the specialist got stuck in and quickly finished of two of the pirate crew. Outnumbered two to one the remaining pirates fled the jungle for an Amazon victory.
Unfortunately pistol beats bone knife in a fight
The second outing (using freshly assembled partly models this time) saw the Amazons battling against the pirates.  This time Tino changes his line. The old crew was replaced with an all new all female pirate crew. Apparently Freebooters have a thing for the ladies and there is a plan for all the regular crew to have a male and female version as well as a mix of captains and specialists. The pirates were reinforced with a specialist named Big Jenny who turns out to be a big boned lass with a preference for a broadsword and pistol.
The main event specialists Vs specialists, captain Vs captain
This time the battle did not go well. All confident like, the amazons opted for a straight dash at their enemy. Things became unstuck when the first musket ball hit a crewman, wounding her and sending her running back to the jungle crying like a little girl. The second crewman made it to her target and attacked her in a the jungle. Being a jungle fighter fighting somebody in a jungle I thought this was covered but nobody told her opponent this. A couple of cards later the amazon was badly wound and tried to flee only to be shot in the back for her efforts.  The main event saw the remaining Amazons (close combat specialist and her captain) facing down Big Jenny and the pirate Captain. It turned out that Big jenny was a big pain in the ass with the broadsword triumphing the bone knifes again. While the pirate captain turned out to be rather good with the sword and gutted the Amazon captain without breaking a sweat.
Dirty pirates start swarming the amazons.
Overall a nice few games the models and rules are nice for the scale and I hope to expand my crew at some time in the further. Freebooter have recently released a campaign book and I am looking forward to taking a look at that.

Below are some of the other pics from the game.


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