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Monday, May 26, 2014

Lets play: with Anarchy models stencils kits

Back at Salute this year I was able to pick up some of Anarchy models stencil kits.  Sod laws says to marginally better modelers :) in the form of Heresy Brush and Massive Voodoo also decide to posts about stencils around the same time. I am going with the great minds think alike approach on this one.

left over upper decks from Battlefronts Tank killer company. 1st coat sprayed and stencils applied.

Anyway 9 pounds gets you 2 A5 sheets of stencils. The stencils are aimed mostly at the 28mm scale.   I tried them on both 28mm and 15mm. The 28s and the 15s with large flat surfaces were fine but on some of the smaller 15mm items it was difficult to get the stencils to cover some of the area and paint was able to get under the mask and damage the effects.

Over all the stencils are worth the money if time and convenience is an issue. Otherwise. it might be better to make your own using masking tape or getting silly putty.  I am hoping they release some more complex camo patterns which would something you could not easily get with the other methods.

2nd cost applied 
The finished stencil. It worked well on the large flat surfaces of the Russian tanks. (I kepth the tank killers upper and lower hulls sperate so they can be switched  between games).

288mm tank. The Stencils worked much better on the bigger scale

WiP stencil tanks Vs his soft camo big brother

Finished Su-85s roll out

Hmm, I think made a mistake here by being to heavy with the basing layers. The tanks a pre-hilghted but getting two spray of paint seems to weaken the effect.

I used the sane shade of pigment as one of the base colors. I am not sure is this adds or tales away from the effect.

top down view of the stencils

Thats is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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Red Dog said...

The stencils give a nice clean line, and I guess the more you use them the better you get. I might give it a try sometime, thanks for sharing :-) Cheers, Paul.

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