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Thursday, May 15, 2014

WiP (FoW) Winter American Mortars and weapons platoons

Mortar team getting ready
Some photo of my in progress winter American mortar and heavy weapons. Modelling wise I really like the opportunity Flames of war gives you to go to town on the bases.  The only new method tried this time was using plastic card to create  ammo boxes and mortar casings. I really liked how they turned out.

LMG team getting ready

Mortar platoon getting ready for winter

Left is scratch built ammo boxes vs manufacturer made boxes on the left


Red Dog said...

Looking good! I like how there's lots of detail on the bases, but the figures are still the main focus. Cheers, Paul.

Frank O'Donnell said...

They look good Darra, will be doing some for each season ?

Dakeryus said...

Cheers Paui, I am really liking the detailing/diaroma aspect on the large artillery base.

@ Frank, When I read your post I thought about the new Saga army I have on the way. The Welsh in Autumn sounds interesting :).

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