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Monday, April 28, 2014

Salute 2014

Last year was a trip to adepticon. This year saw me heading to Salute. For those who do not know Salut is the main trade event for most of the UK based wargames companies. I was at salute before with the Dublin Games Guild and had blast. I still have found memories of playing War on Terror into the wee hours, of browsing the bring and buy while checking all the new releases and different products from the UK manufacturers.  I really going to shows and getting the opportunity to see the figures and games in the flesh and also to get exposure to games outside of my comfort zone.  This year I tied the trip in with a visit to see the bro, now based in London, so I would have a cover story for the non gaming people.

Salute Queue (image from Beasts of War)

A ticket was purchased in advance so I had a pretty easy entry into the event. Having been to Adepticon last year it was interesting to contrast the events. Adepticon is more player oriented with tournaments and side events to players to get involved in. Salute is more customer oriented with lots of suppliers and vendors looking to show their wares. This year there was no bring and buy. I think the event suffered for it. I really liked the eclectic mix of things you saw in the bring and buy and I think the first time I went to Salute this was I parted with the most cash. It also caused the most trouble packing for the return trip home thanks to airlines one bag policy and extra pointy Dark Elves and Orks.   

Incoming Drop, fleet commander

Last year dropzone commander (DZC) got a lot of positive feedback about their display table with a massive battle in progress. This time again they seemed to stand out with a big a 9’ model of an orbital spaceship. DZC used Salut to announce they were doing a space fleet game with Andy Chambers (Aka the guy who wrote battlefleet gothic) I am looking forward to trying when it comes out. Hawk games the makers of DZC cover the drop ship here And I think Beasts of war are going to do a mdocumentary on the making of the model at some point.

Fun in the sun with the new Saga expansion to the first crusades from Tomahawk studios
Elsewhere the Gripping Beast guys were promoting their new Saga expansion, set in the first crusades. Saga with ten to forty models per side is another game I would like to try at some point. Saga did not reach critical mass in my local gaming group last year but this year it looks like there will be enough players to get some games in. I am pretty interested in vikings these days.

While 4grounds terrain opted from something a little cooler for their Saga offering

4ground games had a really nice Saga themed table.  As well as a display for their upcoming fantasy terrain, which looks very tasty. Bolt Action and Flames of War also got themed tables. I picked up some 4grounds stuff for a planned Fow Winter table for later in the year.

While the Plastic soldier brought out the heavy guns with the new release of their IS2 tank

For me the big spend was on FoW material, no surprise there. Plastic Soldier Company took a chunk of change in exchange for a Russian Heavy tank company and Stuarts. I may have signed up to play at the ETC this year and find myself drafting lists like crazy at the moment. Despite not really liking the PSC model spray I picked up a can for my British. I am nearly finished the first can and I do not want to switch colors for the rest of the British armour.  

Japanese Bolt action reinforcement on the move

Bolt Action also got some American and Japanese reinforcements for the pacific theatre. As part of their order at Salute deal they were handing out free samples of their upcoming Gates of Antares game written By Rick Priestley, the creator of 40K.  Rick does at talk about Gates on Fools daily A daily gaming podcast with some good content.

Anarchy models stencils could be setting the pattern for the future 

One of the neat features of wargames shows like Salute is the random odd-ball stuff you get to pick-up without really planning to. This time I picked up some likto kill markers to mark where models are killed for blog posts pictures.  I even used them in a recent game but sod law says I did not take any pictures of that part of the game.  I picked also up some Anarchy models stencils. I was watching their kick start with interest but at the moment they do not seem to have much 15mm stuff but I can see their products being pitifully for 28mm for beginners. Experienced modelers can probable make their own stencils out of chewing gum or blue tac.

Tail end of the forge world queue
I made the standard pilgrimage to the nearest forge world stall. At adepticon this was not a pleasant experience. Long queues and delays are not what I want experience at these type of events. Unfortunately Salute was more of the same no shiny models on display, just tons of cardboard boxes with product swamped by folks looking for their orders.. For me time is money at Salute 30 minutes waiting in a queue is not going to happen. Luckily I did a drop before I left and was able to pick some items for Franco before I left the show.

Hmm cake expo
Salute was on in the London Excel center and as an Excel bonus we got to gt into the cake (hmmm cake) expo for free the night before Salute. It was weird to see the similarities between the two events. I was only very vaguely aware of the competitive cake making thing. But walking around  hearing people comparing airbrushes and discussing rivals project felt like a normal wargames event. It was very strange.

Anyway if you made it this far thanks for readings and my Salute video can be found here with bonus photos from the Excel Bake off.


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