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Monday, April 7, 2014

FoW (PiP): The AK Interactive experiance

Lately, I have been playing around with some the AK interactive products in my bid to reproduce the WW2 German army in 15mm on a one to one scale.

The Ak interactive experience
My first port of call was the 1945 German war colors book. Model dads blog already did a really good review here. What you get for your money is over 150 paint schemes for late war german vehicles. Similar to the images you would see on the forgeworld IA books. Each scheme has a one line description plus a brief color guide for the colors used. The book in itself is an interesting read and a good source of inspiration for new painting schemes. But its benefits start to multiple when combined with AK interactive second product which is 1945 German late war colors set.

1945 German late war colors set is a six color paint set designed to complement the book. The idea being you look at the book and identify which scheme you want to apply and then required paints. The set also contains a few paint scheme if you want to try them.

An SHQ officer on patrol in his (t)rusty recce vechicle

 The last AK interactive to be tried was the black enamel pin wash.  The guys over WWPD have already posted a how guide on their website. For me it was an exercise in finding an alternative approach of just cover everything in Vallejo smoke. It is a nice product but I am a bit mixed about it because it is an enamel paint it means it dries slower but you end up having to use white spirits and their associated smell on the paint table.

Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)s are my first attempt to do hard edge camo with an airbrush. it takes a bit longer than normal but the effects are worth it, My main learning was the order in which to spray the paint ie base color last and and camo color first. I am hoping to pick up some anarchy models stencils at salute and creating some more elaborate patterns in the future though I think now I would be confident enough to try make some of my own masks out of masking paper. 

Back on topic AK Interactive have started to release some wargames painting sets with some scale reduction effects (SRE). The idea being smaller models should appear more bleached than their real world equivalents there fore the colors used should be slightly more bleached as well. I think do not think this is anything new since I was already adding a bit of white to what ever color I am using to lighten up the model a bit. It will be interesting to compare the wargames color to some of the other products on the market to see how they rank up.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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