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Monday, February 24, 2014

FOW Sitrep: breakout

The battlefeild.
The British bridging group is trying breakout through the village at the top of the picture.

For a change of pace we played breakout from wargames illustrated 315 issue.  I really like the attacker/defender dynamics in this time of game. The battles saw a British bridging group trying to break through a line held by a luftwaffe jaeger platoon before German veteran Armour showed up on their rear lines. I do not think either force is optimal but it makes for an interesting match.  

British line up for their advance.
Luftwaffe jaegers hold the village (they promptly abandon the buildings are the British player declared all his ARVEs were bunker busters, 

British forces roll forward
German defenses were strength by some veteran artillery which played a critical roll in the battle.
British armour engages and over runs the first line of defense

But the present of the big guns make them relucant to force their advance.
German Armour starts to make an appearance stalling one of the flanks.
Carrier patrols attempts to dash through the village buts take heavy fire
British and German forces contest the second line of defences
British call in naval artillery to weaken the position.
Careir patrol is destroyed by the defnders.
Pressure mounts on the British attackers.
ARVE fall prey to stalking panzersshrieks.
The game ends with the British fail a company morale check inches from one of their objectives held by the last of the heavy artillery battery. It was a great game

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