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Monday, February 17, 2014

(FOW PIP): Polish 1st armoured division

Polish Cromwell's roll of the painting table

A Polish armored reconnaissance company roils off the painting table this week.  I think this represent my current state of the art in terms of painting 15mm ww2 tanks.

The base color comes from plastic soldiers company's war paints. I tried it but I do not think I will get it again because (1) at the moment there is no paint pot equivalent I know of making touching up the model a pain in the ass. (2) the spray dries hydrophobic making it difficult to apply water based paints to the coat (3) for FOW it is probably a better investment to get an airbrush, it helps with the camo and it is easier to get matching paint pots.

The armour wash comes from AK interactive I really like how that turned out and would like to try more of their products (or MIGs ammo brand)

The weathering powders comes from Vallejo I see the appeal but I need to more practice in.

The Hessian netting is green stuff

Plastic soldiers decals
Green stuff Hessian netting

AK ineractive wash

Vallejo pigmentss

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