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Monday, February 10, 2014

(FOW PiP) Carrying on with universal carriers

converted bren carrier with 50 cal mount

For a while I have been waiting for plastic soldier company to come out with some plastic universal carriers for my ww2 commonwealth forces for FOW. the vehicle is fairly common and was used in large numbers by commonwealth force making it a good investment for a plastic kit. Unfortunately PSC do not have a lrease date for the kit yet. So spurred on by Col Kill krazy conversion on WWPD and the my local supplier getting his hand on a PIAT battery carrier conversion kit my resolve weakened. As a result my britsh HMG platoon now has some new wheels while my carriers get a 50 cal mounted patrol. Annoying the Piat battery did not fit on to my carriers and needs some more modelling.
1st HMG carrier section

2nd HMG carrier section
converted 50 cal section
(plastic card to filling the gap, then plastic rod for the gun mount and a battlefront 50 cal stuck on top, easy and effective is a nice combination)

Carriers proofed so popular they ended serving well into the 41st millennium


Frank O'Donnell said...

I take it the bigger ones are for bolt action ? they look the part mate.

Dakeryus said...

Nien, ist ein.....

.... No, it is a death korps of krieg Centuar from Forge World. most if not all of the IG stuff has real world equivalents for their vehicles

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