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Monday, March 3, 2014

Hamburg tactica 2014

It is Tactica time again. Tactica 2014 was my second time attending the event in Hamburg. It was a busy weekend with Saturday spent battling FOW in Leipzig before hopping on the train to Hamburg.

This years theme was D-day (65th anniversary) and there were a lot of ww2 demos and exhibits 
which included a display on the longest day movie.

I got to try a demo of "Nuts". Not a bad little game. for the scenario I was a single 101st airborne NCO lost somewhere in Normandy. My mission was to move from one end of the table to the other trying to round up some men to capture a bridge. The twist was not everything encountered was friendly and some times even the friendlies can shot you if they get nervous.  My first encounter in the game resulted in an encounter with an SS infantry section out hunting paratroopers. One hand grenade later and the dispute was solved. The next few encounters turned out to be nothing but German paratrooper hunters.  Between dynamic movement (ie running away) and expert use of cover (ie hiding) the NCO was able to make it through the encounters. Giving on the encounters the NCO made his way to the bridge to do it all by himself but luck intervened as he encountered some stray troopers from the 82nd airborne and  few men from his own unit.

The bridge objective turned out to be a hump back bridge which was lighted defended with a two man sentry outpost and a staff team that had stopped for coffee. the 101st crept forward and took out the sentry post with a few well placed grenades. The 82nd airborne tried to pin down the staff team. But the Germans shot back and shot better killing one man and forcing the rest to flee into the night. The 101st and the Germans then both crawled on to the hump back bridge and traded fire at the peak of the bridge. Once more the grenades came into play and the staff ended up fleeing into the night.

Not a bad little game it is more like roleplaying than a flames of war game but it has a very low model count and might be worth picking up at some point. Thanks to Tinsoldaten of Denmark for the demo.

Elsewhere the Perry's were doing their thing demo'ing how sculpt and the joys of greenstuff. While there was some demos of a 3d printer and a terrain workshop using blue stuff.  There was a lot more traders this year and it was great to see such a wide variety of games and materials. A Lot of the ww2 displays definitely provide some inspiration for Bolt Action and FoW projects. And the whole thing has left me itching for Salute next month.

There is more eye candy 

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Frank O'Donnell said...

The terrain looks first class mate & that little game you played seems fun.

Dakeryus said...

It is like descent in ww2. It is well take a trip to type of shows if you get chance it is great to see stuff in the flesh

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