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Monday, December 2, 2013

Bolt action: Back to Burma

Sten gun wielding nut jobs (aka gurkas)
After a bit of a break the chindits are back on the painting table. THe current plan is to bulk out the force to a runt company. So far it has two fully platoons and most of the specialists in place.
The only drama was for some reason the under coat did not work it came out very chalky and rubbed off with stiff brush I am not sure if it to do with the cold weathear or just a bad can. In the background is a work in progress jungle building

Some head swaps, regular bolt action British without chindit heads. PIAT, morotar ans sniper for 2nd platoon 
Some thompson weilding veteranss to keep the japs at bay

A wound officer (propable the objective a few games), the commanding officers and a mortar spot

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Dai said...

Seeing this just makes me wish BF would hurry up and put out a Burma expansion for FoW.

Very nice pieces sir.

Dakeryus said...

thanks for the feedback.
My wish list for BF is they get the license for Star Wars :)

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