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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bolt Action, Challenges and a Banzai Christmas

Banzai Christmas
1st minor conversion is using a bit of plastic rod to make a lying mortar man
Deadlines a great for focusing the mind on what needs to be done hobby wise. So far I have missed out on joining two painting challenges. W-Ireds 100 models in a 100 days challenge and Krut’s 4th Angolue hobbies challenge, partly due to motivation, partly due to the event filling up before I could sign-up. Anyway I have come up with my own painting challenge. I want to play a Bolt Action game over the Christmas. The challenge is I only have one Bolt Action army battle ready at the moment. The second needs to be done from scratch the models required still on sprues in their boxes. They need to be assembled, primed and painted in time for me to ship back home on the 19th. That gives me not a lot of time to get ready.
To help the primiing the models were sticky taped to a short length of wood.this made it easier to get awkward parts of the model
The rough concept a clash of a Japanese patrol with a chindit column. To make it interesting both sides are trying to recover a down RAF pilot. We will call the mission saving flight lieutenant Ryan
Playing green stuff. In this case prascting making leaves for possible jungle fighters

Below is the current force list. The Chindits free artillery observer is replaced with a free Air observer since they are operating a couple of hundred miles away from the nearest artillery support. The Japanese get a tank for fun.

Imperial army of Japan
Burma theatre

Britsh Army Chindit column
Burma theatre
Rikugun Chūi Kurosawa  (85)
Regular 1st lt with one aide

1st squad led by Gunsō Kikuchiyo (155)
Regular infantry squad, NCO, LMG, knee mortar,10 riflemen

2nd squad led by Gochō  Okamoto Katsushiro (155)
Regular infantry squad, NCO, LMG, knee mortar,10 riflemen

3rd squad led by Gochō Katayama Gorobei (155)
Regular infantry squad, NCO, LMG, knee mortar,10 riflemen

MMG team  lead led by Gochō Hayashida Heihachi (50)
Regular MMG team

Sniper team led by Gunsō Shichiroji (50)
Regular sniper team

Mortar team led by Heichō Kyuzo (60)
Regular Mortar team with a spotter

tank team led by Sōchō Shimada Kambei (135)
regular medium tank

1st Lt W.H. Muir (103)
Veteran 1st Lt with aide with SMG

Forward Air observer Warrant officerFraser (Air force) (10)
FOO with aide

1st squad led by sergeant Mason (168)
Veterans NCO (SMG), LMG, 8 rifles

2nd squad led by corporal Brady (168)
Veterans NCO (SMG), LMG, 8 rifles,

3rd squad led by corporal Wallace (168)
Veterans NCO (SMG), LMG, 8 rifles

PIAT team led by corporal Cochrane (52)

MMG team led by corporal Smith(65)

sniper team led by lance corporal Cambell(65)

Light mortar led by corporal Logan(46)

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If your that pressed for time you should be painting in stead of blogging mate lol

Dakeryus said...

hmm,If I want to blog then I need to create content which means I need to get painting. It only eight units it should be doable.

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