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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gaming with Mat-o-war

Possible one Of Games workshops best ever products ( That and Chaos black paint)
Ever since the rumours GW were stopping making their light weight gaming mat I have been thinking what I would do if they need to be replaced. Next year I am planning on doing a American winter army to match with the volksgrenadiers. Since they are both winter theme it seemed logical to have a winter theme table which starts with the gaming mat.
I ordered a pair of mats from Mat-o-War to see if they fit the bill. I think the Hobbyden is used by the Kildare games guild which is a test bed for the Battlegroup rules. The battlescape in the battle group book are always inspirational and hopefully using the same type of mats would add to my games

Price wise the mats cost 27 euro plus postage and packing. I got my order within a week which was nice.

The Good
The mats a a nice shade of green paler than the GW mats
They are double sides which is a possible big bonus if I can winter up one side and keep the other side summer like.

The Bad
The mats are a lot stiffer than the GW mats and the crease are a pain in the ass to get rid of. A clothes iron is definitely not the way go.

Overall I am a bit mixed about the mats, the idea and color is good. But the creases are a pain in the ass and I have to see if I can get away with a two sided mat.

Mat-o-War Vs GW battle mat

Mat-o-War Vs.....

Vs Games Workshop
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