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Thursday, November 28, 2013

40K: Mad Robot mintures

Recently I was looking for some alternative heads for my Bolt Action American force ( I am not keen on the head sculpts on the sprue) and I came across Mad robot miniatures. I had checked them out before but this timeI went through with an order and in am moment of weakness may have picked up some bits for the 40K imperial gaurd force.

Overall I am impressed with the company, the prices are reasonable, shipping is fast and the quality is very good.

Need more melta?

Or do you prefer plasma?
US army heads for bolt action

Mordian upgrade kit (there is no legs with the kit and I think Victoria's minatures may be a better source for Mordians

Thank you for visiting.

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The Mad Robot said...

Thanks for the support! Matching legs and arms are due out in the new year.

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