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Monday, November 25, 2013

X wing, wave 3 has arrived

This is how not to engage a Tie patrol with swarm tactics

And this is why two X-wings down in one shooting phase, ouch
 Beteen trips to Spain, Beglium and visits to the online retailers I managed to pick up all the ships from the X wing wave three release. I even managed to get in a couple of games using the rebels.

Game one saw Hawk 290 with Ion cannon and Jan Ors backing up a B wing and a pair of X wings going aganist a Fire Spray backed up by an Tie Advanced and a pair of Tie fighters.

Hawk 290

The hawk's Ion cannon got a good hit on a Tie which obliging crashed into an asteroid and blew up.  The rest of the patrol locked on to the Fire Spray and stripped it on its shields. Then through a serious is skilled (fluky) the rebels outmaneuvered the imperial patrol. The Tie Advanced was isolated and dropped by a B wing, X wing combo. The Hawk kept chipping the hull points of the Fire spray by flying parallel out of the weapons arc of the big ship.  Eventually All the rebels ganged up on the Fire spray to take her down While the sole Tie made a break for.
B wing

In the second game the Fire spray was out in favor of more Ties with upgrades. The two squadrons went head to head at close range with the Ties getting the better of destroying to X wings with minor damage in return. THe rest of the game as spent with the Hawk and the B-wing trying to evade the mass of Tie with no available and both ships were soon taken out.

Tie Bomber looking for a target

Romours the Emperor himself is coming to visit my expanding imperial fighter squadron

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