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Thursday, March 28, 2013

WIP (FOW); Volksgrenadiers

Volksgrenadiers sighted
The Volksgrenadier kompanie is moving from figures painted to basing. Which, at the moment, is one of my favorite parts of the hobby for FOW.  Effectivily, each base is a min diorama. Some really good examples of this can be found here

To support the grenadiers some FOW King Tigers are in assembly. To make them interesting some Mig pigments are being used. In the pic King Tiger tracks have both been painted in Vallejo Gun metal but one gets a pigment wash of rust. For some reason I think it is strange, if I mix pigment to water and  a fixture. Have I not just made paint? and if so, why not just buy the same color of pre made paint ?

They say when getting an airbrush it is best not to cut cost. Above is an example of why. My no name brand airbrush has met a premature demise during cleaning. The screw section broke while being tightened back in to place. Fortunately being cheap meant there were two airbrush in the kit and the nozzle could be replaced


Frank O'Donnell said...

I agree you totally doing bases can be very enjoyable, I not happy to here about the airbrush as I've the same kit myself.

Dakeryus said...

The airbursh is fine just try to avoid using excessive force on small parts.
It was interesting to strip the brush down to its bare parts. After only a few runs it was a lot more dirty than I thought.

regarding the basing it does seem to bring the army more together

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