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Thursday, March 7, 2013

sitrep (FOW): Waldfeucht 21st January 1945

Finally got round to trying the battle for Waldfeucht. Before the new Market Garden release from battlefront the mission seemed a bit tough for the attacking Germans. Now the British get some improved equipment should the mission be re named well f*cked?

note: the German radio truck on the crossroad counted as the only objective for the game

4ground buildings get an outing

And are infested with riflemen.

Battle view from the southwest

Smoked tiger

Smoked Artillery observer

Germans moving into position

British defending the objective

Bren carriers Vs a Tiger??

German assault goes in

And clear the outskirts of the town

More attackers push forward

PIAT team tries to sneak out to bag a Tiger

British reinforcement pour in

Germans reach the objective

But more British re enforcement are coming.

STUGs break into the village

And destroy a rifle platoon just arrived in its RAM transports

Stug push on to the objective by passing a bailed out bren carrier

Ram transport p[latoon destoryed on arrival

British launch their counter attack

And repel the germans to secure the objective.

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