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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tactica Hamburg (it is like Salute but in German)


This year I am hoping to attend more wargames conventions. The main events I would like to get to are Tactica (German), Salute (UK), Adepticon (US) and Crisis (Beglium).  I have been Salute before and have fond memories, partly form nuking a friend during a bout of paranoia while playing the War of Terror but also diversity of game systems to try and the visual impact of the set-ups. 

The hilights: 
-Getting some scupltng tips for the perry Twins. 
-Getting to chat with the Bolt Action crew about their future plans.
-Getting to pick a decent painting lamp. Apparently this has been darkest spring since records began.
-Getting to pick some Vallejo Air paints, looking forward to trying some more air brushing later.
-Picking up some more US troops from Battle Front to face off against my Volksgrenadiers if they ever get finished.

The lowlights:
- The Bring and Buy. I think Flea-bay is killing of Bring and Buy for conventions. I really liked the trip down memory lane (hero quest and space crusade figures for the win). But for Tactica the Bring and Buy was in a cellar and lots of gamers in a small space is never a good idea. There was some interesting items but nothing worth getting.
- Camera malfunction. This was my first time trying to pictures at a wargames convention. The result were less than spectacular. There is room for improvement of that front. Thank to Matthias "Two Dice" for providing the eye candy for the post. There are more photos of the event here

Sculpting tips from the Perry twins is not something I get to do every day


Macdonalds in space

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