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Monday, March 4, 2013

PiP (FOW): Decal-icous

A flushed sherman 

Some pictures of the current paint in progress, two platoons for Task Force Butler. First is an experimental sherman tank platoon from the plastic soldier company. It is experimental because it is being used tor airbrush practice and to try out different manufactures decals. The Airbrush effect is distinct from the brushed tanks but if it is better or worse I am not sure. The decals come from several different manufacturers I-94, Battlefront, Mustang games system, Dom's decals and Sky Trek. The Sherman platoon is part of a planned American tank company. American tanks seem to use way more decals then the German tanks I am use to.

Each of the manufacturers has its own pros and cons. The Battle front decals are probably the best, individual clear decals on four sheets on a but are pricey and you do not get enough of them. The I-95 decals are second best nicely done but some of the decals are too small even for 15mm and some of the decals did not match their description (caveat emptor). Dom's Decals are mid range, they are printed on single sheet of clear decal paper and require more effort to prepare but that is minor problem. Mustang games system were the one I wanted to rank first. Some of the concepts, like helmet decals and poster art, are superb. But the execution lets them down. They are printed on single white decal sheet and take too much to prepare. Plus black text decals is used instead of white and it does not pop out as much as white text on a drak background . The Sky Trex decals are the tail end Charlie, showing their age. They are the oldest set of decals in the decal bag and are functional but not inspiring. I an toying with the idea of either making some custom decals or ordering them for a designer.

The second platoon is a US Armoured rifle platoon pack from Peter Pig. In terms of sculpting the models are different however they do have sense of style that just seems to work.


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