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Friday, February 1, 2013

X-wing: Pewpewpew

Not so long ago,
on at tabletop not that far away.

Two Tie fighters close in on a damaged X wing

 Oh yeah, first roll of the night,  the D8 version of double six. The X wing does not play along and saves both hits

 How not to fly through an asteroid field, every fighter ended up taking damage from high speed rocks

Damn it, the X-wing gets away.

Reinforced CAPs prepare to go head to head

Tie fighter line up their target

At about thirty minutes a game, we got to play a couple of games X wing during week. For effect the Star Wars soundtrack was played to set the scene. The first to games were straight out of the book.The basic missionwas an X-wing, piloted by luke skywalker, was damaged and had to escape of the table while being stalked by Tie fighters. WE played the mission once and Luke escaped, then switched sides and played it again. Luke still escaped but I claimed a morale victory  by actual firing my X- wing before making the eacape.

The third and last mission was a head to head with two 60 points patrols. I opted for imperials. the first pass was text book with the Tie fighters swarming an isolated X wing and blowing in to so much debris. After that the game was best forgotten as some spectacular incompetent flying saw the Imperials squander their lead. The low light being a Tie fighter repeatedly hitting asteroids before hitting one rock to many and exploding.


Frank O'Donnell said...

I love the intro mate lol so what do you think of the game over all ?

Dakeryus said...

It is pretty good, simple mechanics that are easy to pick up but hard to apply. So far the biggest menace is floating asteroids that far has destroyed one fighter and damaged three more of the eight I have used so far :)

It seems to be sold out everywhere I have looked. Hopefully I can pick something up on the Hamburg run

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