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Monday, February 18, 2013

Mission Critical (FOW), St. Lambert-Sur-Dives, Normandy, 08.00 hrs, 20th August 1944

Looking for a fight

With the German army endangered of being encircled in Faliase the2nd Panzer division has been ordered to secure the St. Lambert and open a corridor out of the area. Opposing them is the 4th Canadian Armoured Division determined to hold the line..

PIAT Vs Panzer

Design notes:
Loosely based of Skirmish elites Falaise firestorm skirmish campaigns book

Rifles Vs Grenadiers

The river is impassable to vehicles and counts as trench lines for infantry.
The Brocage, roads and buildings are as per main rulebook.

St Lambert

The Canadian deploy first and can set-up any where south of the River. They can start the game in prepared position. One platoon can be deployed in Ambush
The Germans move on from the any point on the northern table edge.
The Germans get the first turn.

The forces 

2nd Panzer grenadier regiment (2PGR) and 3rd Panzer regiment (3PR), 2nd Panzer division
SS panzer grenadiers
Fearless Veterans

Company HQ
2 Command SMG Panzerfaust teams

1st platoon, C Kompanie, 2PGR
with 3 squads
2nd platoon, C Kompanie, 2PGR
with Command SMG panzerfaust and 3 squads
3rd platoon, C Kompanie, 2PGR
with Command SMG panzerfaust and 2 squads
2nd platoon, B Kompanie, 3PR
with 3 PiV
3rd platoon, B Kompanie, 3PR
with 3 PiV

In Support
SS-panzer Anti-Aircraft platoon
with 2 Flakpanzers 38(t)
South Alberta Regiment (SAR) with Support from the Argyll Sutherland Highlanders (ASH)
Canadian Armoured Recce company
Confident Trained

Company HQ
Major David V Currie and a 2iC, in sherman V's
1st platoon, A company, SAR
with 4 Sherman V
2nd platoon, A company, SAR
with 4 Sherman V
2nd platoon, B company, ASH
with 3 rifle squads
3rd platoon B company, ASH
with 3 rifle squads

In Support
pioneer platoon
with 2 assault squads
Anti-Tank platoon
with 1 section
Machine platoon
with one section

Special rules:
Major David Currie (VC) got the victoria cross for his actions during the Normandy campaign. Any platoon he join always passes a morale test on 2+. In addition, If Major Curie is active the company can re-roll any failed company morale tests

Waiting for Jabo

Victory conditions:
The game lasts until one company breaks or if after turn eight there is no German teams in the Canadian table half.
The Germans win if a platoon manages to exit the southern table edge at point X (southern road exit).  They get a draw if they Capture St. Lambert. Any other result is a Canadian win.

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