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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pip (FOW): forward comrades

Forward Comrades (T-26 light tank company)

Zvezda T26 tanks, Russian tanks made a by Russian company.Flames of War wise this is early war equipement and FOW planning to release a supplement for the German attack on Russia later in the year. I used them for airbrush practice. The models lack detail and are repetive so trying out different tricks with the airbrush should make comparing the tricks easier since there is not much else going on with the model.

Zvezda T26 tanks with battlefront tank commander

4 T26 each one has been painted a diffrent way
(1) Russian green airbrushed on to the bare plastic model
(2)  Russian green airbrushed on to the grey primed model
(3)Russian green airbrushed on to the preshaded grey primed model.
(4) Russian green brushed on to a grey primed model.

Russian KV-1 Big tank with a small gun
The German kill markings are from Mustang game systems
I like the concept but the decal quality could be better

Face off on the eastern front Zvezda KV-1 Vs PSC Panther

The last panther to be painted for panzerbrigade 101 (comany 2iC)
The commander is from forged in battle the extra stowage is from the PSC halftrack kit

T-26 painting guide (all paints used are Vallejo model color)
(1) prime grey
(2) apply a watered down black wash 
(3) Airbrush Russian green (may required several applications
(4) Apply decals.
(5) Paint the exhausts hull red
(6) Paint the tracks blue steel
(7) apply a watered down smoke wash over the russian green
(8) apply a black wash over the exhaust.
****not shown in the pictures****
(9) apply a earth wash over the tracks
(10) dry brush earth over the lower parts tank.

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