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Thursday, February 21, 2013

PiP(FOW): Fritzi and Leipzig

Flak panzer and Sturmtiger ready to roll

Flak attack. 

Sturm Tiger with winter camo 
Vallejo German medium camo brown (826) over a base cost of German camo beige (821)  
(before dry brushing and wet washing)

Flak panzer in summer camo 
base coat Vallejo Green Ochre (914) with patches of Vallejo Reflective green (890) and German camo medium brown (826)) 
before and after drying brushing with the base color

Pak in preparation 

Winter Volksgrenadiers (not sold on the helmet decal)


Ben said...

Very Nice!

Were did you get the metal trees from?


Dakeryus said...

thanks Ben,
The trees come from peter pig (terrain refernce number 42) there is some neat battle feild scatter in there like bicyclesd, ead animal, etc worth a look

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