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Thursday, November 8, 2012

WiP (FOW): Zvezda's T-26

Forward Comrades, (with the Zvezda T26 tank).

The WW2 plastics war rages on. This time on a trip back to Dublin I got to visit gamers world and was surprised to see the increase in historical games and miniatures. I was planning on picking up some Zvezda's T26 some time in the future as part of a mid/early war list and decided to bite the bullet.

With just five parts in the kit this was the 2nd quickest kit I think I ever assembled in just under one minutes. Forged in Battle vechicles can be combat ready sooner.
Scale wise it is a bit small compared to battlefront's infantry. But it is a light tank so maybe should be a little small.

The Pros:
It is cheap
It is easy to assembled

The cons: 
It lacks details and seems a bit crude. I am planning to decorate the models give them a bit more depth.

A cheap, easily assembled tank lacking in details just screams Russians. I may have picked up more then one :)
Later this year sees the release of Zvezda's Panther tank which should become the cheapest Panther on the market. In the back of my mind I suspect they waited until I completed my full strength panther company for FOW before they decided to release the panther kit.

Zvezda KV-1 vs FOW KV1

meet the family

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