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Monday, November 26, 2012

Dig in (40K): Ruins and defences


Always on the look out for interesting terrain I picked up a box of warlord games ruined hamlet to spice to the battlefield a little. Ruins not covered in skulls and are a change from the normal grim dark. The box consists of three sets of ruins.

complete kit ready to be primed

The Pros
Lots of texture in the ruins it looks like it will be a treat to paint up.
The ruins fairly generic and can be be used to create a diverse ruined village.

The Cons
It seemed a bit pricy for what you get
Some of the kit does not fit well together leaving big gaps to be filled with poly filla?green stuff etc.

The kit is nice to have but not necessarily need to terrain.

For some reason the chimneys did not sit well with the walls. Hench poly filla everywhere

I must do something about my procrastination problem some time. The latest incident was the planned Aegis defense line. I planned one for the Guard and mentally pictured it as a sand bag wall or improvised barricade. Roll on the Dresden winter manouvures and the night before the event I released I had nothing in that could be used as an Aegis Defense line. A bash to the local GW store and a quick purchase later I was putting my first Aegis line.

Dakka Dakka.. So far the cannons have account for Doom scythe and a Hive tyrant  Not bad for three game to date. 

I painted the barricades using the Gerry method. Light wash black and then dry brush earth on to the bottom part of the barricade. The detailing will be done later (hopefully).

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