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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sitrep (40K): So close

Battles in the hobby halle.
So the Dresden manoeurves have come and gone. A revamped imperial force took to the field  It was suppose to be Imperial with back-up but the rules restrictions turned it into a grey knight with guard list.

Game one was against Micheal, one of the FOW regulars, lured back to 40K by chaos. The mission played was a modified table grab. Each 2'x2' section was worth 1 VP with an additional two VPs in objectives. The game was a bit one sided. Nurgle marines tried to wade through a wall of fire with only the lord actually making and he was quickly cut down. The game ended on turn four with the force of chaos wiped out.

The Second game was against the Bio bomb. A similar list had just one NG18 and the guard had been on the bad end of a beating against a similar list lately. As a result the guard had some nice countermeasure in place.  The game was a bit closer the big bugs made it to the lines but all the gaunt were lost and the big bugs could not make much of an impression before being wiped out in turn four.

Games three was aganist Cron air (3 night sycthes, 2 doom sycthes, wraiths, spyders and lords).  The game okay with the scarabs being wiped out on turn one and the Wraiths being forced take an unhealthy amount of saves to aviod instant death. turn two saw the arrival of Cron air to address the balance. The guard fought back destroying both doom sycthes and reducing a Nghtsycthe to one hull point.  On that the game end with me having to leave early to get back to the real world.

The imperials took third in the end, missing second place by one point. 

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Oh the shame using GK's tuttututut, don't you mean the GK's took third in the end lol

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