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Thursday, November 22, 2012

WIP (FOW): What the Flak?


The newer FOW army lists have introduced two new anti-air vechicles for the axis in the form of a sdfkz251-21 and a sdfkz251-17. The Battle Front options is a little expensive I wanted a cheaper alternative. Enter plastic solder company and skytrex.  PSC do sdfkz251 half track. Skytrex do both models but they again a bit expensive however they will sell the weapons and mounts separately if you ask nicely. 

The bottom of the half track assembled as normal with the exception of the seats cut back to make room for the weapon mounts.

A pilot hole was drilled to allow the mounts to be positioned in place.

The upper deck was added as a dry fit.

Next step is to get some magnets to fix the weapons in place and allow them to be interchanged.


Frank O'Donnell said...

Hi Darra are plane's becoming more popular if fow of war as I think this is the second time you've add flak units.

Dakeryus said...

Not really. The last trilogy released focused on the late war were the germans started to issue more flak assets to their units. Planes are not a default choice in FOW (i think they are handle better)

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