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Thursday, June 14, 2012

PiP (FOW): Friendlies?

Sonder kommando panzer brigade150 from Forged in Battle roll off the paint table. Painting wise there is no new methods. The decals, from Dom decals, were applied trying something new

Paint the vehicles as normal.
Prime the decal area with Vallejo decal softener. Particularly, if the area has a lot recesses and raised areas.
Apply the normal
Give another light coat of decal softener.
Once dry, lightly dry brush the decal to blend into the background.
Then weather the vehicle as normal.

Ersatz M10 (panther in disguise)

Forged in Battle halftracks flank a Battlefront halftrack

Battlefront models tend to be a bit bigger but Forged in Battle models have a certain style

Disguised Stug

Volksgrenadier platoon ready for priming

Skytrex and Peter Pig models form a test platoon for some late war camo schemes

Battlefront AA platoon get ready to take allied air craft

Zveda flyers are on their way (nose cone and cockpit will be painted separately)

Not bad for 3 euro

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