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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mission Critical (FOW): The Crossroads, France late 1944

Confusion reigns in US Army command. What was thought to be a small probing attack by the Germans is turning out to be a major offensive. It is uncertain where the Germans have broken through and in what strength. Without any solid information a scratch built taskforce has been put to get and order to hold a vital cross roads until the situation in clearer. Reinforcements are on the way but it is not clear when they will arrive or where the enemy will attack from.

Luftjaeger advance on a french village overwatched by an 88.

Design note:
Loosely based on the battle for Parker's crossroad in the Ardenne 1944 and an imperial war college training exercise. It is a bit challenge for both sides since random arrival of reinforcements and their location makes it hard to plan for.


Woods are very difficult terrain.
open ground is difficult terrain.
Roads as normal.  

88 covers a French village
Task Force Parker is confident veterans. The remaining Americans (including the 589th units) are confident trained.
Kampfgruppes Weidinger and Saltzmann are fearless trained. Kampfgruppe Muehle is confident veterans.

American forces
Approx 2500 points

Taskforce Parker
1 gilder Rifle Company HQ (with 2 Bazooka teams)
A,B companies 25th gilder regiment
2 gilder platoons (full strength)
K company 325th gilder regiment
1 gilder rifle weapons platoon (full strength)
J company 325th gilder regiment
1 gilder rifle AT platoon (full strength)
gilder field artillery battery
(full strength)*

A company 589th FA battalion
1 rifle platoon (2 squads)
K company 589th FA battalion
1 rifle weapons platoon (1 mortar and 1 LMG squad)


Task Force Keane
1 Tank company HQ (2 Sherman’s)
1 Sherman platoon (full strength)
1 M18 Tank destroyed platoon (full strength)
1 SP field artillery battery (1 gun section)

87th Calvary Task Force
1 Armoured recon company HQ (full strength)
1 Armoured recon platoon (full strength)
1 light Tank platoon (5 Stuarts)
1 SP AA platoon (1 section)
German forces
Approx 3755 points

Kampfgruppe Weidinger
1 Armour grenadier company HQ (full strength)
2 Armour grenadier platoon (full strength )
1 Weapon Armour grenadier platoon
(full strength)
1 Panzer platoon (5 PIV))
1 SP artillery battery (full strength)*


Kampfgruppe Saltzman
1 Armour grenadier company HQ (%^&)
1 Armour grenadier platoon (full strength)
1 Armoured mortar platoon (full strength)
1 SP gun platoon (4 Stugs)

Kampfgruppe Muehle
1 Jagdpanther company HQ (1 jagdpanthers)
1 Jagdpanther platoon (3 jagdpanthers)
1 panzer grenadier platoon (full strength)
* off table, observe team deploys as normal
* off table, observe team deploys as normal

Luftjaeger pioneers and and Ost battalion guard an objective

Deployment and who goes first
Task force Parker and its attached units deploy first and must deploy within 12” of the cross roads. They also start the game in prepared positions. KG Weidinger arrives turn one using the assault route special rule (see below). The rest deploy from reserve axis of assault route rule.

Irish guards for artillery strike

Special rules
assault route
It is not exactly clear where the enemy and friendlies will arrive from. There are four likely assault routes. Each company (TF and KG) is treated as a single unit for arrival. Roll for arrival as normal. Before deploying the company roll a D6 and check below.
1 Your opponents picks which assault route the company arrives from
2 The Company arrives from assault route A.
3 The Company arrives from assault route B.
4 The Company arrives from assault route C.
5 The Company arrives from assault route D.
6 You pick which assault route the company arrives from.

An assault route can only be used once. After which no other company can arrive from that point.

Luftjaeger contest a french village

Victory condition and game length
There is only one objective for this game and that is the crossroads.
Each TF and KG acts as a separate company for morale, etc, The Americans break if TF Parker and one other TK breaks. The Germans break if KG Weidinger and one other KG break. The game last for 16th turns or if after the 6th turn one sides starts their turn with no enemy units within 24” of the crossroads.

Photos form a game earlier in the year with Luftwaffe ground troops with Ost Ballation (hungarians) trying repel Irish Guards.
Luftjaeger and Ost battalion units come under fire

Irish guards pull back under presuure

On the other flank Gaurd's Armour push for the Ost Battalion's objective

Luftjaeger try to outflank

Luftjaeger attempt to storm a village

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