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Monday, June 11, 2012

Mission Critical (FOW): Essel bridgehead 13th April 1945

Design note:
The mission critical was adapted to FOW from Bob Mackenzie's Command Decision scenarios webpage. Well worth a look if you need inspiration for FOW missions.

On 12th of April 4th King's Shropshire light infantry (KSLI) with support from 1st Commando brigade established a bridgehead across the Essel river. Overnight the bridgehead was reinforced with elements of the 3rd RTR. On daybreak of the 13th the British prepared to enlarge the bridgehead. But overnight the German defenders were reinforced by Kampfgruppe Lotze.

KSLI storm the German first line



Open ground is difficult terrain to vehicles
Forests are impassable to vehicles and difficult terrain to infantry
Streams/ditches are very difficult terrain for vehicles and infantry and provide concealment for infantry teams in the them.
Roads are as normal.
Tree lines block liner of sight except to teams in base contact. Teams in base contact get concealment from fire which must go through the tree line.

With support from the 3rd RTR

British are confident/veteran. The Germans a confident/trained except,
Tiger = confident/veteran
12th SS= fearless/trained

The German forces break once Kampfgruppe Lotze is broken (on three units).12th SS battalion losses has no effect on German morale.
The British force breaks once the KSLI broken (on five units)

4th King's Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI)
British Rifle company
approximately 1765 points

Main Force
Battalion HQ 4th KSLI
1 Company HQ (with troop carrier) -35
A,B,C,D companies
4 Platoons (3 sections) -720

Under Command
S company 4th KSLI
1 Mortar platoon (3 sections) -175
1 Anti-tank platoon (with 1 sections and carriers) -85
1 Scout platoon (with 1 bren section ans 1 wasp section) -200

A squadron 3rd Royal Tank regiment
1 Tank squadron (3 shermans and 1 firefly) -365
H Battery 13th Royal Horse Artillery
! gun troop * (with 4 guns) -185

C squadron 3rd Royal Tank regiment
1 Tank squadron (3 shermans and 1 firefly) -365

Total value (approximately) 2130 points
12th SS A&E Battalion
German SS grenadiers
approximately 300 points

Main Force
1st &7th Kompanies
2 platoons (2 sections each all teams are MG/PF) -300
1 AT section (1 Panzershreik) – 40 points

Kampfgruppe Lotze
German grenadiers
approximately 1065 points

Main Force
1 company HQ (SMG/PF+1 Panzersherik section) - 100
3 platoons (2 sections each all teams are MG/PF) -405

Panzer Jaeger platoon
1 Artillery Anti Tank platoon (2 88 Pak 43)- 230
Panzergruppe Fehrmann
1 Schwere Panzer platoon (1 Tiger 1 E) -215
Sporadic Air Support (Hs129B) -115

Total value (approximately) 1450 points
* off table, observe team deploys as normal
** delayed reserves

Recce platoons races through the lines

German last line of defence

Deployment and who goes first
12th SS A&E battalion deploys first anywhere between ditches X and Y. All of its units are in prepared positions
The Panzershreik team begins the game in ambush
The KSLI then deploy anywhere within 6” of the southern table edge. All of its units count as moving last turn
Kampfgruppe Lotze then deploys anywhere between ditches Y and Z. All of its units count as moving last turn.
The Tiger starts the game in immediate ambush but still must deploy in the deployment zone.
British delayed reserves come in at any point of the Southern table edge.

Each player rolls a D6 to see who goes first. In the event of a tie the British go first.

Recce Vs Pak

Special rules

Game length and victory conditions:
The game lasts twelve turns.

There are two objectives (A and B) at the end of the game whoever holds both is the winner. Anything else is a draw.

After six turns at the start of the German turn if there is no British teams north of ditch X the German win the mission. After six turns at the start of the British turn if there is no German teams south of ditch Z the British win the mission.
If either sides break there opponent wins the mission

  1. Historically the Luftwaffe attacked with Me262's but there are no rules or point values for them yet in FOW so I used Hs129B's instead
  2. 3rd RTR was equipped with Comets but I do not have any so they were replaced with Shermans.

    Tiger prepares to engage

    Shermans Vs Tiger

    Shermans call in a smoke barrage to silence the Tiger

    Shermans Bogs down trying to cross a ditch

    German reinforcements on the move

    Advance of the PBI

    4th platoon move forward

    German frist (on the edge of the forest) and second (inside the forest) lines of defence

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