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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Operation Raider

design note; operation raider is a planet strike game with out the bastions and active terrain.


The planet of Spandex IV has been infested with a genestealer cult. The imperial guard are dealing with the infestation in the cities your marine strike force has been dispatched to a remote outpost where the inquisition believes the genestealer patriarch is hiding. Your mission is to terminate the head of the cult.

The game is 1750 points of marines Vs 1750 points of Genestealer cultists.

The table is set-up to representing an outlying outpost. There are some bunkers, building and improvised fortifications. The defenders set-up as counters (see special rules).

Special rules;
Hidden counters:
The marines are deploying blind, any defender units on the table must be represented by counters after the first marine wave has deployed all the counters must be revealed.
Limited forces:
This is a smallish encounter neither side can spend more than 200 points on a single units ( transport count as a separate unit for this limit)
Orbital strike;
The Marines are deploying from orbit. Both side can buy up to five stratagem points, at 50 points per stratagem point. Stratagem points can be used to stratagems from the planet strike book. Marines attacking and cultist defending.

Victory conditions;
This is a kill point mission with points awarded as normal.

In addition the genestealer patriarch is worth 5 kill points to the marines if killed otherwise the cult gets 5 kill points for keeping him alive. The Space marine HQ is worth three kill points alive (for marines) or died (for the cult)
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