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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


FOW scenario set on the Eastern Front 1944

Design Notes;

Adapted for FOW from battlegames table top teaser book


The German army continues to retreat into the West with the Red Army in close pursuit. A German convoy containing supplies, wounded and loot is attempting to escape for encircling Russian forces. The last obstacle in their way is a river but can they get across before the Russians close in.


The game is played on 8'x6' table. The table is setup as above; the main features are the road running from east to west (grey line), the dirt track running from east to west (brown lines) and the river running north to south. The road cross the river at the bridge (point a), while the dirt track crosses it at the ford (point B, counts as very difficult terrain). On the western side of the river is a village with 3-4 buildings. The open ground counts as difficult terrain i.e. all vehicles require a bog down test if moving of the road.


The Russian force is divided into three groups based on their starting location. The German force moves in of the road entering on the eastern table edge (point E). The German player needs to write down what order the platoons move on at. The platoons enter in that order and must end their first turn on the road.

The Russian pursuit force is in delayed reserve. Start rolling for reserves on turn six or when the first German platoon crosses the river which ever happened first.


Russians (defending)

@ the Bridge (point A)

1 platoon of Strelkovy (with attached HMG and 57mm AT gun)*

@ the Village (point C)

1 Strelkovy battalion HQ (with attached Commissar)

1 Strelkovy company (3 platoons plus an attached Commissar, HMG and 57mm AT gun)*

1 light tank company (5 Stuarts)

1 Tank destroyer platoon (4 SU-85)

1 Transport platoon (3 trucks)

Pursuit force

1 Armoured infantry platoon (4 squads)

1 Heavy tank destroyer platoon (3 SU-122)

1 Tankovy company (5 T34)

1 Armoured company ( 6 BA-64)

* The platoon defending the bridge is detached from the company in the village. It counts as being out of command until it company HQ is in command range.

Germans (attacking)

1 Company HQ platoon (2 panther tanks)

1 Panzer platoon (3 PIV)

1 Panzer grenadier platoon (3 squads plus a panzerfaust and attached HMG)

1 truck convoy (4 trucks which overloaded and independent teams)

Special Rules;

Not ready;

The Russians defending the village count as not ready. Each team must pass a skill test before it can move or shoot. Platoons can start moving/shooting once the command team and more than the half of the squad are ready.

Wrong turn;

One of the roads is actually a dirt track. While it is easy for the players to see the track, the truck drivers dodging bullets are not so fortunate. When a truck moves through an intersection (point D) it must take a skill test. If it pass the player can move it as normal if it fails it takes a wrong turn and leaves the table from the wrong edge i.e. it counts as destroyed.

Victory conditions;

The number of trucks exiting determines the winner. Three or more trucks exiting the board is a win for the Germans. Two trucks exiting is a draw. Only one or no trucks exiting is a win for the Russians.

Off topic;

Below are some images from a recent battle of the Bugle game.

German Mortars defending the approach to Doennange village

Germans defend Doennange agnaist massed american armour and infantry

Americans under heavy fire outside Lullange. The smoke markers are the wrecks of a covering sherman tank platoon

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