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Monday, January 11, 2010

How to make Hab Domes

Inspiration: based on the Star Wars hab domes on Tattino and the GW domes at GW HQ.

Materials needed;
• Hamster ball, ideally 6.5" in diameter
• Plastic card, 2+mm thick sheets and strips
• Filler, either polly filla or milliput
• Wire snips
• Mdf, 6mm thick
• Steel ruler
• Mechanical pencil or pen
• Jig saw or normal saw ,both need adult supervision
• Textured paint

• Twist the hamster ball in half and separate.
• Using the wire snips cut the stubs in each hemisphere(dome) and remove the upper part of the dome.
• Using the filler fill in gaps at the side of the dome.
• Place the dome upside down on the sheet of plastic card and mark out the outline of the missing top section.
• Cut out the marked section and glue it into the missing gap of the dome.
• On a sheet of plastic card draw the desired height of the door for the hab dome.
• Draw two perpendicular lines from the top and bottom of the door.
• Place the dome on the plastic card and move it so that it intersects with both of the perpendicular lines.
• Adjust the dome place on the lines until you are happy with how far the door sticks out from the dome.
• Once you are happy with the size mark the curve with a marker and cut out the door side.
• Do a rough fit of the door side to the dome to make sure it roughly fits.
• Once you are happy with the fit use the door side as a template and cut out a second door side.
• Using some plastic strips roughly 1" long attach the two door sides together.
• Cut out a door shape to and attach it to the door sides.
• Place the completed dome on a sheet of MDF and trace the outline on the board.
• Remove the dome and cut out the outline on the MDF.
• Use an all purpose adhesive to stick the dome to the MDF base.
• Cover the door with masking tape and paint the whole dome with textured paint
• Once the paint has dried remove the mask tape and paint the door.

Notes; In 40K the domes represent impassable terrain

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