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Monday, July 2, 2018

painting up some figures for Martin and Tonio day (aka Musket and Tomahawks campaign day)

Send in the Marines
The summer sun means there is not a lot going on the painting front. That said there is an upcoming Musket and Tomahawks (aka Martin & Tonio) campaign day I want to attend. To this end I painted up my first 28mm "uniformed" figure in a long time. Researching the uniforms is fun but painting collars and cuffs is a little less so. 

The campaign day will be set in the American war of Independence. For my force I needed about twenty four figures, megalomaniac inflation meant I ended up painting ninety eight figures in four groups of twenty four with some addons for NCOs, officers, etc. Hopefully, they will go on to from two Sharp Practice forces.

For the British there is a Marine platoon (red coats with Bicorne) supported by a platoon by loyalist Militia (redcoats with hats). While the Americans consist of a platoon of Continental regulars (blue coats) supported by a platoon of State regulars (brown coats).

Methods wise I tried a wash approach for the loyalists militia ie base coat then painted with just washes but I am not happy with the results. Another new things was designing and printing some movement trays for the figures including spacers for magnets to stop figures from falling out of the tray during movement.

3D designed and printed movement trays with holes for magnet
 That is all for now thanks for stopping by


Frank O'Donnell said...

Nice collection there mate, interesting to see you go down the wash route, what was it you felt didn't work out with it ? as you know I use mostly washes for my models so I might be able to help you out on that front.

Dakeryus said...

Hi Franco,
For some reason I am not happy with the wash method on the loyalists milita. I airbrushed the off white on to the figures then gave them a black wash followed by a red wash for the uniforms but I think I used the wrong red wash maybe it was to dark(?)
I am trying to speed up on the miniatures painting it is 50:50 if I get buried under a the lead mountain avalanche some time soon. It maybe 18th century uniforms with cuffs, colors and too many buttons may not be the best vehicle for the wash approach.

Duc de Gobin said...

Superb work here. Will be great to see the game in progress.

Dakeryus said...

thanks for the kind words Duc

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