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Monday, July 9, 2018

Revving up for some Gaslands action

In the near dark future there is still an LIDL
Recently I introduced Dennis from the club into Longstreet it was a good game but sadly no pictures. I returned we agreed to have a go at Gaslands. Dennis offered to umpire the game with four then finally three players. This was the first time in a long time I got to participate in a umpired event where I was not the umpire. Umpired game seem to be going the way of the dodo which is a shame since they can offer richer game experience all be it with a little more effort.

Gaslands garage
The scenario saw three teams of two cars competing for fan points. Fan points were claimed by shooting and ramming other cars as well as posing for cameras in the centre of the track.  To make it interesting the cars with the lowest fan score got a rockets attack to discourage cars lurking around the edge of the trank.  Also there were some umpire related subplots like bright yellow Scooby do van wielding Molotov cocktails and slightly more concerning was a tank hidden under the roadsters garage.  
TV crew to record the action
The first game went like clockwork rockets in Gaslands are a little too good but the highlight was probable when the dakka dakka car got into a great position and two shots later created two burning wrecks much to the fans delight. When the dust settled both my cars were intact while everybody else was reduced to a burning wreck.
Ram and mortar car
The second game was less impressive with both my cars knocked out frist in the race :(

My dream team a rocket armed high performance car backed up by a machine gun totting standard car
Overall Gaslands in a great game ideally geared towards a multiple player event with lots of back stabbing and friction.  Some time later I would love to try a multi player Sails of Glory game but that is another post.

Predictably my car was attacked but many stationary obstacles

Two cars in a drive by

Some unsporting type ramming my car

Rockets away
Elsewhere in the club the Samnities tried to stop the March of Rome
(WAB is still popular at the club despite being out of print for how long)

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