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Monday, June 18, 2018

The great Dutch coffee run of 1781 in Sails of Glory

Starting positions

It is fair to say the Militia Brabant guys like coffee. When Richard expressed an interested in trying out Sails of Glory I went looking for a coffee themed scenario. In the age of sail, coffee means colonies,  moving from and to colonies is a recurring theme for Sails of Glory.  Browsing through I could not find anything directly linked to coffee related conflict but instead came up with a what if from the 4th Anglo-Dutch war.  From the British point of view the conflict came into being due to the Dutch insistence on trading supplies with the American and French forces, mostly of out their settlement in St Eustace in the Caribbean. Historically, the war was disastrous for the Dutch. St Eustace only found out war was declared when the fleet of Sir George Rodney arrived and promptly sacked the island. But this is a what scenario in which we assumed St Eustace is forewarned of the British arrival and Sir Rodney instead opts to blockade the island.

The blockade squadron consisted of ship of the line HMS Defence and an escorting frigate HMS Terspcorde. Richard took command of the Dutch squadron ordered to run the blockade. The blockade runners consisted of ship of the line the Noord-Brabant and the frigate Thulen.

The engagement takes place somewhere South of St Eustace the wind is westerly.  The British squadron was on station when the Dutch squadron arrived it moved into the wind, with the intention  of coming out of the wind when the two squadron entered range. In general the British ships were smaller and more agile than their dutch counterparts who in turn put more shot in a fight. The British plan was to attack from the windward and use their superior movement to engage the dutch on favourable terms. Unfortunately, the Dutch decided to use their own plan and both squadrons raced for the windward position.

Terspcorde fires first but suffers at the hands of both Dutch ships
The fast moving Terspcorde fired first and did some damage to the Thulen including putting a leak in her. The Thulen was able to reciprocate at close range using double shot causing significant damage. To make matters worse the Nord Brabant was allows able to fire on the beleaguered Terspcorde (in hindsight I may have been a little aggressive with my frigate).

The squadrons come to new headings with Thulen and Terpscorde trading fire
After the initial broadsides both fleets changed tac with the blockage squadron moving North while the blockade runners head North east.  Both the damage ships worked feverishly to repair their damage before the next broadside.   

Terspcorde pushes her luck and ends up engaging both of the Dutch ships and is forced to strike (surrender)
The Terspcorde tempted fate and moved a little too close to the blockade runners guns the resulting broadside did her in and forced her to strike.  The Defence was now alone against blockade runners.  To increase the pressure the Thulen managed to repair all of her damage and raced towards St Eustace.

The remaining ships race to St Eustace
The race was on with the Thulen leading the Nord Brabant towards St Eustace while the Defence moved on an intercept course. Rather skillfully (I thought) the Defence managed to slot itself in between the two ship in line and give both of them a double shotted broadside.  When the smoke clearly both ships emerged with minimal damage (oh dear).

with some deft maneuvering Defence gets into position fires a double broadside

The Thulen raced ahead to give St Eustace the good news.  The Noord Brabant moved to the stern of the Defence and raked her at close range with double shot. Taking out two of the three mask and downing more than half the crew.  At this point the Defence opted for discretion over valour and exited the area.

End game as the Thulen heads towards St Eustace and the Noord Brabant rakes the Defence 

Overall a great game of Sails of Glory even though I am crap at the game I keep coming back for more.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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