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Monday, May 14, 2018

When Maurice went to sea (18th century colonial campaign) Part 1

Things a are bit slow on the hobby front at the moment. New job,new country seriously dents hobby time. Between the moving and down time stuck in various airports, bus terminals I have been pondering a campaign linking Sails of Glory with Maurice and possible Sharp Practice later on.  

Ideally, the campaign needs three dedicated participants an umpire and two players representing the main fractions. It could run with two players but would lose a little fog of war. Alternatively one players could be a aggressor and the player umpire represent the defender and has half the forces but start in control of the islands. At a pinch it could be done solo using the solo rules for sails of glory and adapting the solos rule from The Men Who Would be Kings by osprey games

The Tropics
Campaign outline; 

Set in the mid to late 18th century two rival powers are in a race to claim a chain of islands rich in material to support the latest fashions at court. Each player represent an expedition commander who has used their influence at court to get the commission for the conquest.  In practice this means raising an expedition of naval and land forces to move to the islands and claim them for the monarch.

Above is a map of the Tropics the area of the conflict. The Blue force starts in their home port Harve (A1). While the Red force starts in their home port of Port Arthur (A5). C2,C5,E4 are minor sized island with some significance to the crown, F2 and G6 averaged sized islands with some moderate significance to the crown. H1, G3 and H2 are of major significance to the crown and the main objectives of the campaign destroying opposing force but not capturing a main objective is unlikely to impress the crown. In addition there are neutral major power bases at E1 and D7. They can be used to repairs at may not be attacked (probably their sovereign is related to your sovereign by ambiguous bloodlines).

Only the navy can move through the sea. Only the army can capture islands.

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