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Monday, May 28, 2018

Let me show you what we did to the Spanish in 1648 (Pike and Shot with the Militia Brabantia).

Dutcih horse sighted on the road
Recently I signed up with a new club the Militia Brabantia.  After the initial discussions about what to play Richard kindly offered to introduced me to Pike and Shot from Black Powder ruleset.  They use the rules to represent the Dutch struggle for independence against the Spanish in the eighty year war. I don't really know either the rules or the period very well but that should not be a major problem after all how can I forget a rule if I do not know it in the first place?  On arrival to the club I was granted a command Royal Spanish army of King Philip and dispatched to the lowlands to deal with the rebellious heretics 
Spanish artillery threatened by Dutch light horse

The Spanish Army was lead by General de brigada Don Tempranillo with Coronel Roja and Capitán Garnacha also providing leadership.  It was broken into three brigades Don Tempranillo commanded a heavy horse squadron supported by two squadrons of light horse,  Coronel Roja command the main force of two tercios consisting of a pike block flanked on either side by Musketeers. The brigade also had a light cannon in support.  Capitán Genarcha command a brigade on sword and buckler men and a medium cannon.   Capitán Genarcha was a medicore leader and his main role was to fire the main gun and not get in the way too much. Cornele Roja was a more solid leader and his role was to use the tercios as a blocking force while Don Tempranillo’s cavalry would be the strike force delivering the coup de grace if it good enough for Alexander the Great it should be good enough for the Spanish.
Spanish cavalry go charging in the wrong direction

The Dutch, aka the rebellious heretics, army was lead by Brigadier General Van Heineken, Colonel Grolsch and Captain Dommelsch. Van Heineken led a regiment of heavy horse supported by a regiment of light horse. Colonel Grolsch force consisted of two blocks of pike support by four blocks of musteekers reinforced with a light and a medium cannon. With captain Dommelsch leading a regiment of light horse and a block of militia. Brigadier General Van Heineken was considered a good leader, Colonel Grolsch was mediocre and Captain Dommelsch was average

Spanish cavalry on the marching
The Dutch deployed with Van Heineken on the right flank with Dommelsch on the left flank and Grolsch’s brigade holding the centre. The Spanish deployed Genarcha’s force on the Spanish right on a hill. Coronel Roja’s force went in the centre with Don Tempranillo’s cavalry in the rear.  The Spanish plan based on the deployment was to use Roja’s brigade as a blocking force. The cavalry and artillery would focus their assault on Dommelsch’s brigade and once it was defeated they would switch flanks and defeat Van Heineken brigade. Losing both flanks should force the remains Dutch to retreat or be flanked.  The Dutch plan appeared to be to double envelope the Spanish line.

All of the cavalry moved quickly into position (cavalry, particularly light cavalry, moves very fast in black powder).  Dommelsch’s militia struggled to keep up with his light cavalry who moved into position to threaten Genarcha’s gun on the hill. Coronel Roja’s force pivoted to face the Dutch centre and left flank force.  Don Tempranillo’s light horse charged through the gap and quickly overran Dommelsch’s light horse. Dommelsch’s brigade looked exposed but the Spanish blundered and their light horse charged of in the wrong direction.  
Spanish light artillery blunders

The delay allowed Van Heineken to move his remaining calvary to the threatened flank while Dommelsch’s militia poured fire into the Spanish light horse Coronel Roja’s  musketeers and  light cannon also poured fire into the Dutch light horse and it switched flanks.  The light cannoned blunder and moved forward and fired into the flanks of the Dutch light horse causing some damage but blowing up in the process.

Dutch cavalry brigade arrives
The Dutch heavy horse charged the Spanish heavy horse and got the better of them routing them from the battlefield. The Dutch militia Harassed the Spanish light horse, forcing them to retired behind a hill to rally.  The battle then took a pause as the Dutch heavy horse tried to rally while the Spanish light horse tried to do the same on the otherside of the hill.  In the meantime the Dutch militia advanced and their fire destroyed the Spanish medium cannon.   Capitán Genarcha led his sword and buckler men against the Dutch heavy horse hoping to break them before they could rally but he was quickly overrun.

Cavalry clash
In the centre the two largest brigades finally clashed with the Dutch pushing ahead.Under pressure Coronel Roja’s reinforced the battle on the flank with a regiment of musketeers and a block of pike. The musketeers kept the pressure on the Dutch light horse while the pike block charged the heavy horse forcing it back.  
Charge of the Dutch cavalry brigade

After a very long talk Don Tempranillo’s rallied both the Spanish light horse squadrons and they reappeared on the hill line.  The return of the cavalry brigade renewed the Spanish assault. The musketeers finished of the light horse while the Pike block broke the heavy cavalry routing Van Heineken’ brigade. Don Tempranillo’s light horse charged and routed Dommelsch’s militia with two brigades destroyed the Dutch quit the battlefield.
Desperate charge of the Spanish foot

More cavalry charges
Clash of pike
Overall it was a very close tense game with a fair bit of to and fro in the end the Spanish won but it was getting close.

That is all for now hanks for stopping by.

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