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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Haquara hurdles on the Burning Sands (TMWWBKs campaign)

The french are coming

With his supply line secure Captaine Steiger expedition is back on the offensive. Predictably the next Tuareg tribe, the Haquara,  is not impressed at his attempts at diplomacy. Another legion column has to be dispatched to overrun the tribe’s settlement and bring them to heel.  The column consisted of 1st and 3rd squads from the legion platoon supported by 1st and 2nd squads from the Tirailleurs with the mounted infantry section and the field gun rounding out the column. Interestingly, for the first time in the campaign, Captaine Steiger selection was influenced by the current strength of the units rather than the best unit for the job.   The Haquara defenders consisted of three units of irregulars infantry , two units of tribal warriors  and single units of irregular and tribal cavalry. The irregulars infantry defended the settlement with the rest of the force coming as a relief force.

view from the Tuareg relief force

Both sides opted to change tactics, for the legion dubious of engaging in a long range firefight with defenders in hard covered opted for a direct assault by the legion squads with the rest of the column providing fire support. For the Haquara the irregulars decided not to engage in a long range firefight against better equipped enemy instead they opted to go to ground to be revealed later to fire at close range. The tribal warriors and cavalry would sweep around the flanks.

Irregulars defend the settlement 

De Gras started the festivities when his 75mm gun spotted some Tuareg irregulars attempting to withdraw into cover. His shot cause casualties and pinned the irregulars in place.  The legion units moved forward with the Tirailleurs advancing in support. The irregulars forget the plan (sigh) and started to open fire on the advancing legionnaires while the warriors and cavalry moved forward.

March of the legion
The first legion assault was a disaster. 3rd squad went in but was beaten back by the irregulars who then remember their initial plan and open fire on the legion in close range. The results carnage reduced 3rd squad to two men. To add insult to injury the Tuareg cavalry made contact with the mounted section and beat them back with heavy loss.

Tuareg cavalry spot the mounted infantry section 
De Gras again made his presence felt by bombarding and pinning the Tuareg cavalry before they could finish of the mounted section.  The rest of the column pushed forward with the Tirailleurs occupying the flanks and sniping at the defenders. The remain legion squad formed a firing line and began to advance on the settlement. The tribal warriors finished off the mounted section and the other Tuareg flanking force arrived and overran a Tirailleur squad after they put up a struggle to beat back a cavalry charge. 

Legionnaires lead the advance
With three of the six legion units badly mauled for little loss the Tuareg defenders were feeling optimistic. Maybe a little too optimistic, as the cavalry opted to charge the field gun but came up short. Artillery firing at point blank range quickly finished of the charging unit. Then catastrophe struck as the single unit loss was enough to force the defenders to break and flee for the hills. Leaving the surprised looking Legion in control of the field.

The engagement cost the legion thirteen dead and ten injured and the leaders are starting to show signs on post traumatic stress disorder with the mounted infantry becoming unenthusiastic and Gunnery chef Sargent De Gras turning into a cad [see note1].

legionnaires take fire

artillery fire in support of the assualt

Mounted section is pushed back from the village

Defenders repel the first assualt

Tuareg outflank the assault force

Tuareg try to storm the gun

De Gras declines to surround

Anything but a .. Never mind
Legion current unit returns

A third of the expedition dead or injured but its objective is still within reach.  Next stop, the Lahalfe tribe, the last tribe before an assault on the camp of the Almukhtar.  Predictably diplomacy has failed to impress the tribe. And the expedition must again prepare for battle but can it afford any more loses before the show down with Almukhtar?

Note1: De Gras actually earned an “upgrade” after the game in this case a re-roll on the leader's trait table. His initial leader trait was neutral. Tonio was hoping to get a positive result but instead rolled a “Cad” (cowardly). The Tuareg can be thankful he did not roll a double action trait.

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