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Monday, March 19, 2018

Saving the Benjamins in Sails of Glory

Saving the Benjamins 
October 28, 1776, the American ambassador, Benjamin Franklin and his grandson, are on route to France as part of a diplomatic mission to get French support for the American revolution.  Fearing for his safety the ambassador is travelling with a squadron of French warships.  The British navy is keen to intercept the squadron and ensure the ambassador does not reach his destination. 

Both forces consist of a single ship of the line and an escort frigate

Sea Conditions:
The wind is coming from the North North West ie the British corner.
Two French ships start touching the base within Medium range of Y and must exit within short medium of  X
Two British ships start touching the base within Medium range of  Z.
All ships are under medium sail

Special rules:
The Franklins; At the start of the game the French fleet must assign the Franklins to a ship. Which ship is a secret until the end of the game.

Victory conditions:
The French win if the ship with the Franklin's exits within medium range of X
Neither side wins if the ship with the Franklin's exits more than medium range of X
The French lose if the ship with the Franklin's is captured or sunk.
Deck of the Aquilon

French squadron sight english sails to the portside

British squadron sight French sails to the South
British frigate closing its French counterpart

The two ships of the line become entangled

Aquilion deck after trading fire with HMS Defence
(most of the crew are injured, the topsail is down and there is a fire midships)

HMS Defence gets rake by grapeshot and  strike with most its crew injured

With both ships of the line locked the frigates duel 

The French frigate makes a run for safety with the Benjamin's abroad
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