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Monday, October 16, 2017

Raising the militia with Maurice in the American war of Independence

I have been busy chipping away at my AWI project. Recently I managed to paint up a brigade of three Militia regiments (only another 400 infantry, 45 cavalry and 4 guns to go).To mark the occasion Tonio volunteered to play an AWI Maurice game. For the scenario I raided the Black Powder rulebook and opted to play something influenced by their ACW scenario.  The idea being the American are raising the militia when the British get word of this they dispatch a force to disperse the Rebel camp

1777, the Rebellion in the Colonies has been raging for two years. British high command has received word the rebels are raising militia regiments to threaten their supply lines. A taskforce has been dispatched on a night march to capture the rebel camp and disperse the rebels.

The battlefield:
The battle field setup is shown below. The hills, fields, camp, ford and roads are open terrain. Fencing is disruptive terrain. The buildings and the river are impassable.

The forces:
The Americans

@The Camp
6 regiments of Conscript Regulars

1st Brigade
3 regiments of Trained Regulars
1 Artillery Battery

2nd Brigade
3 regiments of Trained Regulars
1 Artillery Battery
The British

1st Brigade
5 regiments of Trained Regulars
1 Artillery Battery

2nd Brigade
5 regiments of Trained Regulars
1 Artillery Battery

The deployment:
Only the American force at the camp start the game on the table. It is affected by the raising the camp rule.
Both the British brigades arrive on turn one.  The British first brigade arrives from entry point A and the British second brigade arrives from entry point B. Both brigade are affected by the Night march special rule.  Both forces count has being given a march order on their arrival.
The American first and second brigades are in reserve. They can enter the battle as soon as the British get within small arms range of the camp or the American militia. The American first brigade arrives from entry point C and the American second brigade arrives from entry point D. They are affected by the camp relief force special rule. Both forces count has being given a march order on their arrival.

Special rules:
Night March
Night march are a tricky business with units easily lost and delayed in the dark.  Roll a D6 for each british unit the first time it tries to enter the table.  On a roll of a one the unit gets lost and is delayed until the next turn.

Raising the camp
At the start of the game the American player can nominate one of the six regiment in the camp to be the regiment of the day. The unit can move as normal.  The rest of the units are in camp.  The unit cannot activate until it has passed a rally test. In shooting and on close combat the unit counts as vulnerable. After the unit has been hit in either shooting or close combat it can act as normal.

Camp relief force
The Camp relief force become available as soon as the British come within small arms range of the camp or the American militia. During the command phase instead of a normal order the American commander can opt to call up relief. Pick one brigade and roll a D6 on a 4+ the brigade enters the battle at its center point. If unsuccessful the brigade fails to arrive. The brigade can try again next turn and gets an additional D6 for each subsequent attempt. If any dice rolls a 4+ the brigade arrives.

Victory conditions:

The game lasts until one side breaks or the British automatically win if at the start of the turn they have a unit in the American camp and there are no American units in the camp. If the game times out and there are still American forces in the camp the Americans win.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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