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Monday, October 9, 2017

Allons-y mes enfants reinforcement for the Burning Sands (the men who would be kings)

Go that way
Legion and Arab reinforcement roll off the paint table.  The mounted legionnaires are a mixed blessing I was hoping for some more traditional mule mounted legionnaires rather than horse mounted ones. But I like the more traditional blue overcoat.  Both the Legion and the Arabs get some artillery reinforcement the French get a 75 while the Arabs get a Krupp gun and a screw gun. Al the figures come from Blue moon miniatures. 

Squadron advance
On patrol
Ready the big gun
Arab artillery
Arab crewed screw gun
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Frank O'Donnell said...

They look great mate, what scale are they ?

Dakeryus said...

They are from the Same range as the guys you used in the saving the (Indiana) Jones game a while back. less than hundred figures left before I can treat myself to building a French foreign legion fort :)

If I can stay on target ;)

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