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Monday, November 6, 2017

Clash at the Creek with Maurice in the American War of Independence

Tonio and myself seem to be on a Maurice run lately we have had two games of the Raising the militia scenario and for a change of pace I adopted another black powder game for Maurice this time the battle for Wietzel’s mill from the rebellion supplement.

1781, the Rebellion in South is ongoing. The Americans are trying to avoid contact with the British forces but the British have made a faster than expect push to close the gap.  The American rearguard must hold the line at the Creek to allow the main force to escape while the British must push past the rearguard and get units after the main American force

The battlefield:
The battle field setup is shown above. The hills, fields, fords and roads are open terrain. The creek is disruptive terrain for irregular units and impassable terrain for regular units. The buildings are impassable for all units.

The forces:
(British forces)

1st Brigade
3 units trained regular cavalry
1 unit elite irregular infantry (rifles)

2nd Brigade
3 units trained regular infantry
1 unit elite regular infantry
2 units artillery

3rd Brigade
1 unit trained regular infantry
1 unit trained regular infantry*  

* hessians
(American forces)

1st Brigade
3 units trained irregular infantry (rifles)

2nd Brigade
1 unit elite regular infantry
1 unit trained regular infantry

3rd Brigade
1 unit trained regular infantry
1 unit conscript regular infantry

4th Brigade
1 unit trained regular infantry
1 unit conscript regular infantry

5th Brigade
2 units trained cavalry

The deployment:
Before deployment the British player assigns each brigade to a road (A,B,C) and secretly writes down which brigade is on which road.

The American player can deploy their first brigade anywhere west of the river but all units must be within 12” of the river. Their second, third and fourth brigades must be deployed east of the river. Each brigade must be deployed with 6” of a crossing point no more than one brigade can cover one crossing point. The fifth brigade can be deployed anywhere east of the river.

For the first two British turns randomly determine a brigade that is off table that brigade arrives and gets a free march move. On the third turn the last brigade arrives.

Special rules:
  • All the irregular units are armed with rifles
  • One of the British regiments is Hessian it may not form a force with another british unit.

Victory conditions:
The British win if they break the Americans army or one unit of cavalry and one unit of regular infantry exit at point D.

The Americans win if they break the British army or if no British units exit at point D.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by


Duc de Gobin said...

Looks very good, and some nice changes to the setup - one of my favourite periods and one of my favourite rulesets. Hope to see more of this soon.

Dakeryus said...

Maurice is a very good ruleset. There is talk of AWI themed modifications but I have not found them.

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