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Monday, September 4, 2017

IDF armour enter the fray for force on force

IDF column on the move
Following up from the infantry some IDF Armour makes ready to enter the Force on Force arena.These are almost ready :)  pending decals and weathering.  I really like the Battlefront M113 plastic kit (aka mini rhino for 40k players) so much so I bought another for some Vietnam action at some point in the future.

Recon section up front

Magach platoon (M48's)

Rhinos  :)
M113s APC
(I am not sure if the IDF had M113s in the six day war but I like the models so they have some now)

Sho't (Centurions)

Column advancing down a road

MG jeep

AT jeep

half way through assembling the M113s I released it would be a good idea to make the turrets detachable so some turrets can be changed for minguns, grenade launchers and zippo's (flame throwers)

That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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